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Something HIIT Me

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

As A Woman, I Wanted To Start My Own Business, And Then It HIIT Me

I Followed The Path But Stopped Punching The Clock And Started Making The Punches Count…Let me explain.

Like many others, I followed the path, graduated from high school, went to college, graduated college, and landed a corporate job at a prestigious tech company. It’s what I’m supposed to do. So I began the daily grind of my technical sales job, sitting idle at a computer for hours. I was learning more and more, but not about my job; instead, my desire to follow a lifelong dream of owning my own business. Then it “HIIT” me. So at 26, I left my comfortable corporate job and started my own business.

My best friend in college got me hooked on Soul Cycle, a great way to make you sweat on a stationary bike in a party-like atmosphere, and I began thinking to myself, “I love this.”

I started pounding the pavement (so to speak). After grinding through the paperwork and odds and ends of opening a small woman-owned business, I am now the proud owner of HIIT IT Boxing: A "partio-cardio” fun-filled boxing-inspired fitness studio!

You’ll Get Hooked…Literally.

Gas prices should be enough reason to want to punch something, so why not try a HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) boxing class? This fun fitness class became a new love for me! Watching celebrities become hooked on sweat-fun fitness boxing and trying it myself, I saw the need for more fun-filled fitness options.

Picture this: Music is cranked, gloves are on, the aqua bags are set, and the instructor demonstrates six easy punches that turn into heart-pounding, sing-along boxing workouts! Burning as much as 580 calories in a 45-minute class kept me coming a-round…9 rounds! Within a few class workouts, I could see the benefits of lean and tone muscles.

Starting A Business Is No Joke, But At Least Mine Has A PUNCHline.

My name is Tara, and I am now the proud owner of my startup HIIT IT Boxing, in Lakewood, Colorado. My aqua bag boxing studio is a small start to a big adventure, and I can’t wait to take it all on. As a woman business owner, I plan to throw punches at the naysayers and champion my business with a successful professional studio. I would love for you to try us ( and see why I love my new business and love that I followed a lifelong dream of being a business owner and watching it come to fruition! So I’m asking if you could help me make it a “hit” too! Follow my journey through my blog post: “Punch-line.”

Website: Instagram: @Hiit_it_Boxing Facebook: HiitItBoxing

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